The Cheat codes are often used in The Sims 4

Before you use the code below, you must activate the box consule doing men way ctrl + shift + C, sims freeplay cheats immediately appear :

1. shazaam
Use this code to add lifetime happiness points 2,500 on sims you order them life is full of happiness.

2. freerealestate
Use this code to ignore costs when you buy the sims lots of stuff in the store, so that money don’t you sims is reduced.

3. add to household
Use this code to add to your current sims.

4. set age [number]
Use this code for set age sims according to the wishes of you, write the age at (number).

5. force service sim [name]
Use this code to speed up the arrival of sims that will service a broken do home appliances, please enter the name (name).

6. force visitor
Use this code to speed up the emergence of a neighbor you sim, so that you can interact with them.

7. make me know everyone
Use this code so that the sim you know all the sims that exist, though have never interact at all.

8. make friends for me
If the above code to set the sim so you get to know everyone, then this code you can choose anyone or just some sims will be known by your own sim.

9. make happy
Use this code to set the mood at your sims family you to keep them happy.

10. unlockOutfits [on or off]
Use this code to change clothes or uniforms automatically.

11. moveObjects [on or off]
Use this code to move all objects without restricted or something as you.

12. resetSim [first name] [last name]
Use this code to repeat or return to the beginning of the game the sims.

13. constrainFloorElevation [true or false]
Use this code to replace the floor mode you home without limited by sims or objects and structures in home sims you.

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