Free Gems At The Clash Royale

How the news comrades – all fella? Happy with the game Clash Royale ? Or maybe very tedious? Sure? I think a friend – friend of trouble because it does not find the technique or method to play, so the game Clash Royal feels very boring. One of them is to get free gems in Clash Royale. Surely a fella – comrade think hard how the heck do I, and up-until there is a desire to use the cheat. Heart – heart of … later when friends – friends all use cheat, will instantly banned by supercell that made the clash royale, so do not be vain and origin – origin. Well, I will be offering ways to get free gems in clash royale, all comrades comrades – rather than being unnatural …

free clash royale
Friends – friends can get free gems through achievement. Just like the mission, if friends – friends can complete the Mission in clash royale, then will get the gems. It’s like the missions donate cards. Yeah you guys don’t be stingy and think the weight if there are friends you guys who asked for a donation card. Because you guys will get free gems, additionally friends – friends will also get gold when donation cards for friends you guys. If you want to see another achievement which can be completed, click the blue ribbon icon and then view the achievement that is. The more friends – friends completed the mission, the more free gems also will get you guys.

In addition you guys can also by collecting 10 crown (the Crown) to get a box chest.Inside the chest contains some gold, cards and most importantly are the gems. So don’t miss the chance to get free gems from the chest. To collect 10 crown it’s also not hard, you guys stay had to do battle with other players, and when doing battle make sure Tower belonging to the opponent is destroyed, though only one tower. And if the time of battle was losing comrades, the crown would still be obtained. So do some battle for 10 crown. Get resource more

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